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    Welcome to Community Harvest Church. We care about our community in northeast Lincoln. We strive to show the love of God by serving people in our community in practical ways and by sharing the life giving message about Jesus.
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Lottie Moon Offering

If you have not turned in your Lottie Moon Offering, please mark it as such and place it in the offering basket. Thank you.


Lottie Moon Offering to be taken up this Sunday

Lottie Moon is the international missions Christmas Offering. We will be picking up our offering this Sunday, January 8.  100% of our offering will go to IMB for international missions.


Pastor Appreciation

As an extension of our Pastor Appreciation Celebration, we will be giving Pastor Mark a month off.  Steve Gill will be preaching in Mark’s place on December 18, 24, January 1, and 8.
Steve Gill will also be taking ministry calls for Mark beginning December 17.

Steve’s phone number is: 402-665-0015
Vern Rockey’s number is: 402-318-6167
Jeremy Goodding’s phone number:  402-770-5185

Thank you Pastor Mark for all you do!  Let’s make sure he has a fantastic month off!


Community Christmas Giving – update

We have a family to help out this year. A single mother with 3 kids ( girl 10, boy 9, boy 6) who recently went through a divorce and was unemployed until last week. Walmart or gas gift cards are acceptable as well as gifts for the kids. Please bring them by Sunday December 18th, to allow for delivery.


Community Gift Giving (updated)

We will be out reaching to the homeless again this year. We will be collecting coats and jackets as well as any other warm clothing. Also a bucket will be on the coffee table to take up an offering. What ever we raise will be used to buy a hot meal for the people we come across. We will be distributing in the middle of December, date to be decided.
If you know of a family that is in need this year, please pass on the information to Steve Gill. (updated 11-26-2016)christmas-present


Men’s Fellowship Dinner Announced

Friday December 2nd, Valentino’s Pizza Buffet, 70th and Van Dorn at 6:00 pm.
Men and boys of all ages are welcome to come and fellowship with us.


Church Family Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner

Church Family Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner will be held November 20th at Lincoln Lutheran School, 6-8 pm . Bring a dish to share and be sure to invite family and friends.

Sign up sheet will be available on the coffee table in foyer.


Sunday Afternoon Bible Study

Sunday Afternoon Review
The first Sunday afternoon Bible study will be held at the Rockey’s at 5:00 pm. We will be going over today’s sermon. Bring your notes.
We have a unique opportunity to grow individually and corporately in this new Bible study; to take what we have been taught in the morning worship hour and come together to help each other apply the principles and help each other in our walk with the LORD. Our goal: UNITY in the body. This is what our church was created for.



Fall Family Fellowship Reminder


Woof, Woof, Rosey here.

This Sunday, November 6,  after church we will be meeting at the Rockey’s for our Fall Family Fellowship Potluck. Bring a dish to share or if you are not able, please come anyway. There will be plenty!!

We will also be planning getting together possibly Sunday afternoon to have a Bible study to go over the morning sermon to discover how we can apply the principles learned to our lives. This is an exciting time for our church and we need to be equipped for the days ahead. Plan on sharing and learning and praying and a time of fellowship.

Rosey says “hey” and hopes to see ya all Sunday!!!  woof!!




Fall Back Tonight!!!

Don’t  forget to set your clocks back tonight.