You may remember that we are collecting gifts for a family we have adopted for this Christmas season. The family we are buying gifts for consists of a single believing mom who has 2 seven year old boys and a four year old girl. The gifts do not need to be elaborate, but something letting this family know they are being thought of this Christmas. We want to reach out and bless this family.
Below are some gift ideas for the boys and for the girl (think what your typical seven year old boys and four year old girl would like) These should be new items.
1) Hot wheels

2) Legos

3) Dinosaurs, army men, etc.

4) Coloring books/crayons

5) Baby doll/accessories

6) Stuffed animals

7) Games

8) Puzzles

Please plan on bringing your gifts for this family to church this Sunday, December 15th. And for anyone interested, we will plan on having a wrapping party at the Community Center at 1:30 pm that day. Bring your lunch with you, and maybe a treat to share. Perhaps we’ll have a gift wrapping contest as well. It will be a great time of fellowship!